It's never been easier to start a consulting business online. Pair that with subscription services and a beautifully design website on WordPress, and you got yourself a profitable business. However, in order to get there, you'll need to first implement the right tools. This tutorial will show you exactly what you need to get your consulting business up and running with Visualmodo's Finance Template and Billflow's Billing Pages.

Build your website

  1. Download your theme from
  2. Set up the theme in WordPress using the Visualmodo's Docs
  3. Update the content to match your offerings
  4. Set up the Billflow Plugin on WordPress

Set up your billing

  1. Set up your Stripe Products in Stripe
  2. Create + configure a Pricing Page in Billflow - make sure to also add a redirect link to the Customer Portal page
  3. Embed the pricing page shortcode into WordPress
  4. Create + configure a Customer Portal in Billflow
  5. Embed the portal shortcode into WordPress

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